The Poor House & Hospital “Shot-Gun Wedding”

In 1965 a decision was made to support the elderly.  This support was not through the welfare system but instead through the healthcare system.

“A century ago they were called nursing homes because you received nursing care, and most of the time it was in a home like setting.  That was before [I guess] our civilization advanced [?] to the point where we created 15,000 nursing homes based on a hospital model.” – Lucille Hanscomb, Executive Director of Picker Institute.  A model where patients are first and human beings second.

I found two definitions for the word home. 1. The place one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.  2.  An institution for people needing professional care or supervision. “An old people’s home”.

The shot-gun wedding between the poor house and the hospital was a marriage doomed for disaster and certainly guaranteed for divorce.  Why are we moving away from the nursing home institution?  Because it’s not working and it’s dehumanizing.  The baby boomers are saying, “This is unacceptable and it is not how I want to be treated when I get older.”

Since 2010 Montrose County, Colorado has had the highest net migration of people aged 65 and older.  Older residents continue to move to Montrose County and overall the Western Slope of Colorado seems to be an attractive place to move for those 65 and older.

The over-whelming statistical facts are that over 55 million adults are taking care of their parents, with over 2 million caregivers.  92% of these adults want to live in their own home as opposed to a nursing home.

Black Canyon Home Health, LLC is committed to bringing competent care for seniors within their home.

If you or an aging loved one are considering elderly care services near the Montrose, Colorado and surrounding areas, call Black Canyon Home Health, LLC.  BCHH is a private-own and operated, Private Duty home care company that comes with competency, ethics, and integrity.  A private-owned, private duty, company that does not have the overhead looming costs of having bought into a franchised branded logo.  Black Canyon Home Health, LLC is a home care company that pays their caregivers their worth, which creates a stable and consistent caregiver staff, which in turn assures YOU that the care you or your loved one receives is of the highest quality.

Competent Home Care for Elderly Seniors in Montrose, Delta and Ouray, Colorado.

BCHH  services do not require a doctor’s order; however, clients in a hospital or skilled nursing facility can request direct private care on their own to avoid being discharged to another care provider.

Our services are available to adults who make arrangements for individualized care and private payment for services.

“My husband needed help at home. BCHH helped us, they can help you too.”

Our services can be paid by any person, company trust officer or family member that is not otherwise covered by private insurance, workman’s compensation, etc.

We charge a variable rate based on the type of service needed, when it is provided, and where it is delivered.  There are no costs for consultations and “non-medical” assessments.  Costs are worked out and discussed with clients prior to commencement of service.

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