I have found caregivers napping when my Mom’s asleep. Should I be upset by this?

I have 8 hour shifts w/caregivers for my Mom. Mom naps a lot. My Mom has Alzheimer’s (approaching middle stage). Memory issues affect her ability to prepare food. When I can’t care for her (I’m the daughter), we have an agency provide caregivers in 8 hour shifts, 11am-7pm to cover meal issues. The rest of the time Mom does a few household tasks and naps a lot. Sometimes she wants help w/chores, sometimes not. She does need some help. But in an 8 hour shift, 7 days a week there is only so much cleaning a person can do. When she’s awake they are active with her (we have watchful neighbors). My Mom also gets upset if they disturb her by doing things while she’s asleep. I drop in unannounced a lot to check on her. We have 2-3 regular caregivers. I have found all at one time or another asleep in the same room as my Mom, while she napped. She generally sleeps soundly. Sometimes she talks about them sleeping and it bothers her. My gut reaction is anger, but I’ve slept while Mom napped. Should I be upset? Should I talk to them? Talk to the agency? I like the agency and caregivers. We have had consistency, no theft, no abuse, active participation to keep my Mom active. Confused, frustrated, and maybe a bit guilty. Please give me some guidance


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